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This document is intended to answer common questions about employing my services for your project or projects.

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I am a Software Architect who works in Enterprise, Solutions, Information, or Software Architecture project space. I am not a fultime developer with a fancy title. I code in multiple languages and dialects and have been coding for the better part of forty years.. However, my greater value and interest is in solving problems bigger than program bugs.

An Architect position is generally speaking a forty percent or less time programming.

I am also perform short-term contract Development positions (40% or more code development) either working with Java or in Dev-Ops scripting that are in the category of project turn-around efforts. These usually entail projects that have been long-term or chronic failures that must be completed or that are critical to the fortunes of the company or management. In *most cases*, turnarounds can be successful and I have numerous examples on my resume.

I do HANDS-ON development. Both hands!

Are you willing to convert to fulltie status. Yes.

Where did you do HANDS-ON development? Read The Friendly Resume

I am a US Citizen.

I will not relocate from Connecticut.

I do contract work in much of CT, MA, RI, NH, and New York City.

No, the commute does not bother me.

Expenses for overnight or "professional day" contracts are not included in any quoted rates.

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