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Recruiting FAQ Page

My anticipated availability date is 11/26/2018
(2 weeks notice courtesy is given to all employers)

see: searchable resume




See: FKrasicki on LinkedIn, Skype, or whatever.

I am looking for a Technical Architect position either Permanent or Contract such as: Enterprise, Solutions, Information, or Software Architect.

An Architect position is generally speaking a forty percent or less programming arrangement.

I am looking for contract Development position (40% or more code development) either working with Java or in Dev-Ops

I do HANDS-ON development. Both hands!

Where did you do HANDS-ON development? Read The Friendly Resume

I am a US Citizen.

I will not relocate from Connecticut but I willigly commute near and far.

I do contract work in much of CT, MA, RI, NH, and New York City.

No, the commute does not bother me.

Expenses for overnight or "professional day" contracts are not included in any quoted rates.

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